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200GB Micro SD Misconception

Just bought a 200GB Micro SD card to setup adoptable storage it’s one of android’s latest features that allows you to fuse/merge your inbuilt storage and expandable storage together.

This has optimized my phone to work a lot better!
By saving more battery and storing all my app data all in one centralized location on my phone.

However I had this bizarre idea to download my entire Spotify Library so I could have all my music stored offline for when I travel on the train because my phone reception sucks.

Meanwhile I have just received a notification from Spotify saying “You have reached your download limit”.

“With a Spotify Premium subscription you can sync up to 3,333 tracks from the Spotify catalogue on 3 separate devices (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). So that’s 9,999 tracks total.

Not 10,000. We’ve tried.”200gb-micro-sd-misconception

Aw well 90GB is still a lot. I suppose I can’t be too selfish.
I still have plans for the other 110GB.
I will be now downloading a heap of courses and Audible Books. MY PHONE IS NOW A WEAPON!!!

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