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Shout-Out: Redback Web Design

Tonight we have taken the time out to check an awesome website thats been around for some time now in Australia. This particular website is very relevant to what we do and here at Newy Web and via blogging we aim to support this particular establishment.

Tonights post is about Redback Web Design

We believe in supporting our nation and improving the web with our knowledge. To do this we inspire ourselves by viewing others great work, implementing advice from experts and commoners, reading up to date information to upgrade our knowledge in the fields and much more.

A key thing that stood out in Redback Web Design is;


With Redback Web Design, the minimal layout of designs implemented have particularly enthralled the team. In every corner of the world, it seems one thing rings true to the human way, simplicity is key.

We can only focus on so much and we don’t need to complicate the eye. Simplicity is key in almost all fields no matter the complexity in doing so. These designs work. They give the reader just enough information to proceed about their query. There aren’t fancy buttons, text writing, stand out graphics, wrong colours etc, its all just right.

Redback Web Design focuses on minimal design to ease the eye and hasten the users experience on websites. More often than not, a complicated design contains large graphic files which slow down the users experience. Not to mention the Google bots. Google bots crawl and reflect on website statistics and slow page load time is not a good sign.

To further read about the exellence of these basic and true principals, read Red Back Web Designs post here on staying user friendly:

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