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Newy Web – 10 Step Graphic Design Process

Newy Web specialises in graphic design solutions that suit many different business models. Some of our graphic design services include brand logo creation, business card and brochure design. Once we have an understanding of your business and the impact your brand/logo aims to achieve, we will work with you step by step, discussing various design options and processes suitable to you. We are very flexible with our service, welcoming your input throughout the process.

In some cases the client may already have a pre-existing logo or brand that they simply wish to have revamped and polished, that is fine with us and we’re dedicated to delivering high quality products to all our clients.  Read more about our design values and principles we base our work on.

Below is the standard protocol for our graphic design procedure: It’s a simple ten step process to save us both time and money.

Step 1. Talk with us via phone or email about what you want developed.

Step 2. Determine the graphic design solution required based on your business requirements and research.

Step 3. We send you a graphic design proposal to outline the scope and cost of the project.

Step 4. You digitally sign our graphic design contract, which secures both your business and ours in the occurrence of any disputes.

Step 5.  You deposit half the total amount required for the project to initiate the development of your design. Both the half amount required and the remaining fee will be view-able in the agreement.

Step 6.  We gather your media such as photos, text, logos etc. and begin development of your logo/brand design upon the signing of the digital contract and reception of the half amount required on the proposal.

Step 7.  Several mock-ups will be created within one week after step 6. Changes to the initial design can also be revised several times until the desired result is achieved and both parties are satisfied.

Step 8. The client is free to review all the mock-ups/drafts, potentially select a “look” that is most suitable to be further developed or point out changes that need to be made. We then continue developing your logo/brand until completion over a specified period.

Step 9.  Once the client approves of the final design, we will supply all the completed design work after we receive the total remaining balance.

Step 10. We can discuss ongoing options such as further design media, Photography, SEO and/or Web Design needs for your business.

Thats about it!

We’re finished! Well maybe not if you choose some ongoing options with us but hey, the graphic design is done! You can go show off your brand spanking new logo to your staff, colleagues and friends now! Who knows what kind of impression it will make.