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If you need a bit of an extra push, SILO SEO may be for you.

SILO SEO is one of the most tactical SEO techniques that Newy Web has to offer. To be able to beat the competition and rank for the keywords of your choice, you need to have strong, relevant content that is well structured. And not just one page of content that seems to be good enough – the search engines are hungry for quality, uniqueness and signal a strong liking towards consistency in these times. Therefore, to achieve the plusses you will need for a high ranking on Google, you will require regular, content rich offerings that are well categorised for the Google god. 
Having the right content however is not going to be enough to rank your businesses website higher. If your site is about multiple topics, services and products, it will be harder for your website to rank unless you SILO your web content in proper categories. This means keeping your pages in a tightly knitted order of content that makes sense to link to and from. 
Newy Web’s SEO SILO marketing tactics are among the Newcastle Silo SEO Servicesbest in Newcastle if you need a hand. Our strong knowledge base will help you gain and sustain a powerful website presence relevant to the products or services you are promoting. We will work with you to organise your content according to search engine algorithms and we will implement the correct SILO SEO techniques for your website. Our strong structure in categorisation and internal linking will ensure your business will rank well in the search engines..
We currently offer a very affordable SILO SEO product to suit small and medium businesses. If you are an up and coming business, we are more than happy to help you get going in the search ladder. We have packages that suit up and comers and bigger businesses.