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Newcastle Internet Marketing

Please be aware domain and hosting costs are on you. We can help set you up a GoDaddy, Crazy Domains or Panthur account if need be to get you a domain name and hosting provider.

Website Design

To create a truly beautiful website, communication is key. Send us a message which tells us a little bit about you and your business as well as your requirements for the website. Once we have an idea of your business, we will show you three website themes to choose from either via a link in an email or face to face. We do not pay for these themes just to mention. It’s a must for you to purchase these themes in order to achieve a professional design on your website.

This saves time and money by eliminating the daunting and time consuming process of coding a website from scratch. Once the website has the theme uploaded, we can begin integrating different features, adding graphics/logos/photos, tweaking SEO settings and watching site statistics. Theres more features too, these are known as plugins and you can just about get a plugin for anything. You can make a community, allow users to write articles for you without giving them the admin password, add facebook like boxes, integrate twitter feeds, add youtube videos and more.

Graphic Design

If you want a logo designed using the latest and greatest graphic design software, our graphic designer Roman is your man. He has 10+ years experience in Graphic Design and holds a diploma for it. He has been tinkering with Adobe Illustrator for many years to create simple and stunning graphics. He can handle logos, flyers, brochures, catalogues, menus, business cards and more. With 10+ years, Roman is the best in the game for the small price that you pay. So if you want a professional and polished logo or other graphics for your Newcastle internet marketing needs, give Roman a call.


SEO is getting progressively difficult with all the algorithm changes that Google keeps rolling out. But that doesn’t stop us. There are still white hat online marketing tactics that help you rank your website. Just remember though, if your competing in an industry with lots of competitors or businesses with big spending dollars for internet marketing, it could be next to impossible to outrank them. But it shouldn’t discourage you from doing SEO, just try to find niches that are not being dominated by thousands of businesses and their websites. However if you already have a business and its local, you can rank faster and better. If you have a local business, a quick way to get online and start seeing customers is if you submit your business to Google. This will display your business on the local listings in maps. To further explain it, if someone searches “Thai Restaurants”, if your a Thai Restaurant your business could come up on the listing and you could get a visitor or sale.

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