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For the past one and a half years I’ve been residing here in Newcastle, not once did I hear the word Novocastrian. This strange word was only recently brought up to me by my partner Leigh whom mentioned it once during a conversation with someone and it struck my ear.

What does Novacastrian mean?

So a little bit of asking had lead me to realise the meaning of this unknown term. The word Novocastrian actually means you are from Newcastle, NSW Australia or Newcastle upon Tyne in England. It doesn’t matter which of the two countries you are from, just as long as you are in Newcastle, you are a Novocastrian.

Why & How Did the Novocastrian Word Come About?

This was something that struck me more than it should’ve. Again, I know if you are from Newcastle in either England or Newcastle, you are a Novocastrian but I need to know why and how this terminology became so prominent.

This made more sense when we translated these words from Latin to English. We discovered “Novo” actually means New and “Castra” means Castle.  

“AHH That makes sense” we thought.. But.. I still couldn’t fathom the idea. How it came so popular is still alien to me. Probably a lot of wealthy people in the day living it up in the castle ages calling themselves the exclusive title. However from what Leigh has said only “OG” Newcastle folk know the lingo these days. The younger generation would be less likely know what this word means. Those of the younger generation that do know the word would have probably picked it up form their parents or grandies.

But wait.. thats not all of the surprises..

Leigh’s conversation was actually about her Grandfather Warren Brown, being the last Novocastrian to win a National Australian Hill Climb Championship in 1984. He was driving an open wheel Sceptre V8 and was mentioned in MG Car Club’s Clubtorque as the last Novocastrian to win the event. Heres a Wiki Link and the official Clubtorque pdf that includes a speech from non other than Warren Brown himself. Just wow.. The things you discover from being attuned to strange words.


I think I have learnt enough today and I hope you fellow readers did too. Thank you very much for your time in reading and please don’t allow for the Novocastrian word to perish. And for the love of all things racing, someone from Newcastle please win another Hill Climb. Its been too long (32 YEARS TOO LONG TO BE EXACT).

UPDATE: ‘Nova’castrian is specific to Australia. ‘Novo’castrian is British according to our creative consultant Cassidy.


  • Kevin Humphreys
    December 4, 2019

    Novocastrian was just mentioned on NBN news in regard to Novocastrian being able to dispose of ewaste at Summerhill.He asked me where Novocastria was

  • Derek Simpson
    December 5, 2019

    Great article about the origins of being a novacastrian. I always thought it was only for Newcastle Australia, but clearly not.
    I have lived in and around Newcastle for about 16 years, still waiting to become official a novacastrian, lol

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