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Web Design Courses Newcastle

Since the establishment of Newy Web, we have had a few people interested in our services, and just how we do what we do. Usually we get asked questions such as “How do you make logos grey scaledand then colorized when you hover over it?” or “How do you have a video autoplay on a web page?” Some clients even like to pick at our brains during the web design process to get an idea of what we’re doing. This is completely ok with us as we know clients like to take full control of their website after completion, but in today’s article, we would like to educate tech savvy entrepreneurs on what courses to go for to further your knowledge in the web design field! Why not take it to the next level with these high quality courses?

Below is a bullet point list of the most well known courses you can participate in to broaden your knowledge of web based programs. Our personal pick would go towards Open College as they have courses to follow on to after completing Certificate IV in Digital Design.


  • Certificate IV in Design (specialising in Digital Design) – online course with Open Colleges

“This brand new course is an exciting combination of graphic design and web design – all in one cutting edge program gearing towards giving you the skills you need to work in the emerging digital marketplace. The design world is constantly shifting and changing as new technologies emerge, specialist programs evolve and skill-sets combine. This certificate is also a pathway towards study for a higher qualification. ”

Creative Collective run on-demand WordPress Website training courses and workshops around the country. Get a group together from your region or company and they will send an experienced WordPress Website trainer to run live training with you. You can be assured that when you register for the WordPress Website training courses and workshops, you will be connecting with the top WordPress Website trainers available.

“This course is designed to provide students with a “starting point” for understanding the world of Web Development. It will provide sufficient training for you to start producing your own HTML pages and publish them to the Internet, Learn to create web pages, Explore different methods of laying out an HTML page. Investigate some of the techniques employed by web developers to Navigate between web pages. Experiment with the use of images and background images on web pages. Build a web site based on a client design specification”

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