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SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a bit of a jargon word thrown around with web masters and the likes. Some swear by it, others don’t. SEO is one of those mysterious things in the web world we just never really hear about so we are here to explain a little about it.

seo-896175__340So what is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO can take many forms from having a well structured website layout to building a solid reputation online and offline. It involves editing your website and imputing special codes, tags, titles etc. The process also involves building and maintain relevant links from other websites with strong reputation. These are just some of the things that let Google know what your website is about.

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SEO Tips

What Can I Do Right Now To Improve My Google Rankings?

What most website owners fail to keep in mind is, they need to make sure that their website contains quality posts and pages. Content is king in Googles eyes so making sure to have good content, with well written expert knowledge from your field, is a must. This is nothing to worry about if you have a business that you have specialised in for years however. You already know the ins and outs of your trade so theres nothing to stress over.

Social Media is also a big thing that SEO is involved with. Creating a strong presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc will benefit your SEO strength as it shows Google you are an active participator online.

search-engine-76519_640If you want to further improve your Google rankings, it is especially important to get links from similar websites. Only get links from an authority website with non spammy content. You don’t want a link from a bad neighbourhood pointing to your site in other words. You must build links from only quality websites that are relevant to your content. Do this and you’re site will considerably improve in the search rankings.

How can my website benefit from SEO Newcastle?

We’ve written up a broad example below but it’s the best way for us to explain this for others to get an idea of the of the many benefits of SEO.

Whats the big deal with SEO?

Ok, so lets cut straight to the point. Say for example there is people online searching for the term “Buy Shoes Online” on Google. When someone looks up “Buy Shoes Online”, its safe to say they are in the market to buy shoes online and if you are a shoe company that sells on the internet with a website ranking on the top spot for that term on Google, they will probably go to your site and eventually buy something. Every 100 visitors from statistic will convert to 2 customers. So in theory, if you get 200 visits on your shoe site, you will have 4 customers.

These figures are however based on a few other factors. But it’s common knowledge with all SEO experts that when your website is on Google ranking for highly searched “money” keywords, its a numbers game from there for the websites and businesses on top. Some establishments don’t even need a storefront looking at this business model. But do please keep in mind, your websites content and theme will affect conversion rates. You must have your design and text placed out accordingly to get users interested and ultimately converting to a sale.

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