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Learn the easiest way to make a website 2020. The web world has changed dramatically since the conception of the internet and the programs behind it. Back then, (and as some of us still think now) people previously had to manually code, fiddle around with hardware and jump through other huge hurdles just to have a web presence.

But today, the innovations of Content Management Systems (CMS) and easy to use website building software have emerged to change the game for everyone.

You no longer have to think that you must be a “geek know-it-all” or “crazy programmer” to create a website.

Just like many individuals and entrepreneurs who have forged success from their bedrooms using their own site, you too can rise up from the ground (or your garage) to create your own empire of fans, followers, subscribers you get the point.

One of the best CMS’ to get started with is WordPress. This is by far the easiest way to make a website in 2020.

The backend of WordPress contains all the menus to easily let you do the work
What’s so good about WordPress?

There many good things about WordPress but a few are; you can let your ideas flourish and do the real work instead of coding and fiddling around with complicated scripts. Another thing is, WordPress is home to many simple click-to-install features such as themes, plugins, drag & drop modules etc. That allow anyone to make a brilliant site with ease. In my opinion, it is the easiest way to make a website that looks professional in under a week.

WordPress is a hands down life saver for web developers, freelance web designers and tech savvy business owners all around the globe.

This is one of the reasons our clients love it here in Newy. They don’t have to pay another dollar to someone to change some simple text, upload new media or update previous pages. They can do it themselves with a breeze.

How do I get online already??

To get online these days with your own website is really a piece of cake, but there are some things you must be weary of. First, you need a reliable hosting and domain name provider. A domain name is just the name of your site e.g. and hosting is the web space provider for your site.

Ready to get started? Watch this video

But before you begin..

You need to have your website content/copy planned; which has to be written for the specific niche you operate within e.g. mosquito safety tips, festival outfits, relationship advice etc

Get a good domain name; which is the name of your website e.g. Hint: Choose one thats easy to remember and isn’t too long!

Choose a reliable hosting provider; which has to have cPanel prepackaged in order to install an easy to use CMS like WordPress.

What else do I need to remember?

One good thing to keep in mind is to have your business copy written exactly how you want to be represented. The last thing you want is to have something that detracts your visitors away from your site due to any simple errors. Although its the easiest way to make a website, it doesn’t mean its the easiest way to create content and promote your site.

A domain name is important, it is part of your brand identity. You must choose a name that is as close as possible to your business name or face the fact of getting creative with it. You could however just abbreviate it or add some keywords to your domain to make it available.

Why a Good Hosting Provider Keeps You in the Running

Without a host with quality servers that is in your target demographic area WHICH has cost effective solutions to your increasing demand, you may be severed in the long run. It’s good to make sure your host can handle these requests later down the track.

Pro tip: Remember to nurture all valuable monetary means

If you already have a business or service setup in your local town and you just need a website to simply represent you, thats great. But remember there are many monetary means online today which keep the internet afloat. One monetary means is by having an eBook on helpful topics. You could even look at stocking products to sell to your customers online, or even begin affiliating with amazon to provide products that are relevant to your business. There are tons of things you can do to monetise your website. Don’t be afraid of researching or asking us to find out more!

A long lasting dedication, the conclusion.

To be successful means you must be dedicated. Remember it’s not what you do but how you do it. A lot of the websites out on the net today had a great start but not so great finish. With todays web technologies and the abundance of information available through tutorials, blogs, videos and such, be free to use them to your advantage.

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